Wood Nightstand Lamp - Hand Craftet from real wood with integrated book- / smartphoneholder

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💡 The reading campanion of your dreams 💡 

There's that deep seated hollow feeling you get after reading for hours and hours and then suddenly close the book because you really really need to go to sleep. But do you know what the worst thing about reading in a dark room with a bright light shining on your book is? It causes eye strain and exhausts your mind because both have to work extraordinarily hard to differentiate between the dark and bright parts of your surroundings. 
That's where this little buddy comes in!  



He is the perfect reading companion for both your reading sessions during the day and during the night!
He'll hold your book for you while you don't need it and provide ample (11W) of non-eye-straining warm white light while you read!




With strong metal screws as its joints and hand craftet real wood you can put him in any position you want! Additionally, he uses a standard bulb socket, so you can switch out the bulb for any other one you'd like! 
(please ask your parents or an electrician for help, this process can be very dangerous and if done wrong, it can lead to serious injuries!)



 Hand Craftet
 Real Wood
 Metal Joints
Knob Switch
 Warm White LED Light (11W)
 Customizable Positions
 Integrated Book / Smartphone Holder
 110V (US & CA) and 22V (EU) compatible!
 absolute cuteness overload ngl

🌒💡 A must have for any children's or adult's bedroom. 💡🌘 

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