Ultra Premium Titanium Straws

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Often, people recommend reusable plastic straws but as everyone knows, even plastic either yellows over time, grows moss or straight up brakes after some period of time. Transitioning to a more environmentally friendly lifestyle starts at the small things in life. Straws are the best example. Millions of plastic straws are waisted every day and pollute both the air during its production and destroy our environment after being thrown away. You can change that! A straw made from titanium not only enrures an extraordinarily long life span (cause it's freaking titanium) but also gives you a more enjoyable drinking experience. And of course it just looks that much more premium. Speaking of premium: yes, titanium is a rather expensive material but looking at long term costs, you'll save a ton of money! Seriously, titanium is so light and durable that you can take it anywhere, save the environment and even save money!
And best of all: the way titanium gets its color is not by painting it or anything. The metal gets blowtorched which gives its surface an oxidized layer that varies in thickness depending on the temperature it gets heated up to. This layer refracts and brakes the light which literally gives these straws a shimmery look! It's stunning to see it in person!

This item is a great choice for birthday gifts!

Package includes a free brush for easy cleaning.

Length: ~215mm


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