Titanium Cups / Mugs

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Choosing titanium as a material for regular kitchen items has multiple benefits.

1. It's durable.
Titanium is a metal, which means it can withstand a monumental amount of abuse compared to tradition porcelain or glass cups / mugs. With that in mind, you can comfortably hand your child one of these cups because there's literally almost no way to break these!

2. It's light weight. 
Yes, Titanium is a metal. But it's a very light one. Titanium is used in scenarios where high strength, yet light weight materials are needed. Thankfull, it has trickled down into the consumer market and is now being used in frames, wallets, silver ware, and A LOT more thanks to its amazing characteristics as a metal. At only 46 gramms this will be one of the lightest metal cups you can find out there. 

3. It's pretty.
Titanium has a wonderful characteristic that makes it one of the prettiest metals out there. With a special, yet simple technique you can create an oxidized layer with the help of some electricity. This requires precise timing but, if done correctly, produces a layer on top of the raw Titanium that breaks the ambient light into different wavelengths. Now it CAN wear off over time, but that takes forever and requires some fairly brutal knocks and scratches. 

4. It saves money.
Now, you might think to yourself, "how the heck is this going to save me money?"
The answer is simple. These cups will last your entire lifetime. Pretty sure. If you add up how many porcelain cups you will break over a lifetime, especially if you have kids later on, yeah that's A LOOOOTTT of money. The upfront investment will be worth it after not too long and creates some amazing faces when people see these cups for the first time!

Our personal "Back To School" recommendation!

For a sustainable and durable time at your desk! No, seriously. Titanium lasts FOREVER and keeps it's wonderful shimmery look for very very long. Additionally, for all of you who like the worn look of something, you will love these cups. Over time, the oxidized color layer on the top will wear off ever so slightely, giving it an uncompareable worn look. The lovely thing is that creating the color on these cups is a simple chemical process that you can do at home with some basic electrical tools. What does that mean? Well, you can actually "REPAINT" these cups!


Material: Titanium
Dimensions: 73 * 62 mm
Opening Diameter: 52mm

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