Soap Rose Bouquet - with 18 Flowers in 6 colors!

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🌹🧼  Never thought this could exist, right? 🧼🌹

Soap Roses. Let's say that again. Soap. Roses.
Your bathroom is a very special place. And so is the person you are gifting this to.
A bathroom deserves special items. And so does the person you are gifting this to. 

This Bouquet consists of 18 hand made Soap Roses, making for an unbelievably beautiful present. Combined with a stylish and minimalistic black packaging, this item is one of a kind. At first glance, no one would expect this to be made out of soap. Which only leaves you with the question why you don't already own this. 



No matter if it's for a friend, a wedding gift, an anniversary gift, or just for yourself. There's use cases everywhere. 
And the best part? Soap lasts forever. And so will this. 

✓  18 Hand Made Roses
  Made out of Soap
  Fits any Style of Bathroom
  Perfect for weddings, anniversaries, Valentine's Day, ... 
  Great for Home or Wedding Decoration
  Stunning matte black Packaging


Gift box size: 36.5*20*12cm, weight about 500g

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