Smart Add-On for regular Switches

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Home Automation is nothing new. Especially with new built homes being filled to the top with smart features. Retro-fitting traditional houses with smart devices seems expensive at first glance but actually, it's not! And by slowly adding devices over time you can save a lot of money! That's where this multifunctional Smart Switch will come in REALLY handy. Since it mounts to any button or switch you'd like, it makes the possibilities endless. No more getting out of bed just to turn of the lights! No more being mad about forgetting to switch of the lights or any device that has a power button! Installation is quick and easy and with an integrated battery, there's no need to worry about being in reach of a power plug. It's rechargeable via a USB plug with the included Micro USB cable. 
Controlling the switch happens via an App but integrating it into your Alexa or Google Home automations is seamless.

Switch Size: 32*32*32mm


Important Note: The Gateway acts like a base station and is needed to be able to control the switches. One Gateway is enough to connect to all of your switches, so there's no need to purchase multiple Gateways. For purchasing your first switch, choosing the "Switch + Fingertips + Gateway" Kit is recommended since it contains all items you will need.

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