Rotary Grater

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One that does it all! If you've ever grated cheese or other things like vegetables with a normal grater you might no how exhausting or sometimes even dangerous this task can be. One wrong move or a split and you've cut yourself badly. Using a rotary grater eliminates these factors by keeping the sharp blades away from your fingers and using a turning movement to grate whatever you feed it. Turning a handle is way less exhausting than scrubbing something against a flat surface. To ensure a firm grip on your countertop a suction cup is included. This makes sure that your grater doesn't move ANYWHERE. (only works on smooth surfaces!)

This kit includes three different easily swap-able blade types which makes this device usable in a lot of different scenarios. The clear plastic body makes it effortless to spot any stuck residues.

If you decide to choose the higher quality version you get a stainless steel handlebar and higher quality plastics for a longer lifespan and a bigger feeding hole for grating bigger objects. 

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