Reusable and Foldable Straw

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When thinking about helping the environment most people think about being vegan or other things. Now sure, those do help the environment as well but there's multiple other things that we use on a day to day bases that totally pollute our environment as well. One of these nasty things are straws. Plastic, one-use only and they get thrown away right after being used. 
That's over! This item is a reusable straw that is really portable because it's foldable! It's easy to clean and made from food grade silicone. Indluded with the products is a little sleak looking magnetic case and a foldable brush to easily clean your straw. So don't hesitate and tranform your day to day life to a more environmentally friendly one!

For every straw purchased, we donate a tree to a tree planting organization!

Length: 220mm (~8.6 inches)

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