Photo Explosion Box (Square) - with Secret Gift Compartment!

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Most of you probably have like 1000 photos with you and your BF or partner. But you have absolutely no clue how to turn them into a present?

We got you. This is a Photo Explosion Box capable of holding up to a whopping 40 pictures! And right in the smackin' center is a little box that can be filled with a more valuable present. YOU! Just kidding, something ACTUALLY valuable. <3
Additionally, all of the lids can be customized in a way that really makes this present shine! Btw, don't let the ribbon irritate you, if you don't like it, just use a different one. Just get creative! Also, there's multiple little secret present compartments, waiting to be filled! 

A Photo Explosion Box is a great way to surprise your loved ones in a very very unexpected way! Why? Because the outer box does NOT look like the inside is full of photos. PERFECT for birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine's Day, and more!

Size when completely folded up: 12 x 12 x 12 cm

No setup or folding needed! You'll be able to add pictures right after receiving the box!

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