Only Love - Heart Shaped Rose Box

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🌹 The day he / she started loving you even more. 🌹 

It's that time of the year. Valentine's Day or your Anniversary is around the corner. Boys and Girls are running around, trying to find the cutest possible gift for their crush or partner. Want to take it to another level this year? Need a base frame for your present? 
Ahhhhh, we got you. :D
This heart shaped Rose Box is PACKED with high quality artificial roses. Why artificial? Because then they last foreeeever. No need to water them. No need to watch them die after two weeks. A gift that lasts forever! 💝
  Beautiful Design
 Jam packed with 27 Roses
 Long Lasting Gift for Him or Her
 Three Color Variants
 See-Through Lid
 Stunning Base for a Valentine's Day or Anniversary Gift!



🌹💝 Make him or her feel really really special this year. 💝🌹

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