Massage Gun with various massaging tips

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This has to be one of the most viral products. Ever. Why? Because everyone should have at least one of these at home. A massage gun might seem a bit weird at first glance, but asking buyers of this products reveals, how truly amazing it is.

How does it work? There is an electric motor that swings the massaging tip at the front of the device back and forth thousands of times a minute (up to 5000 times on speed setting 30). When pushed against a tensed muscle, it really feels magical how much a vibration can relief muscle strain. This results in an overall more relaxed body which in return gives you a better sleeping experience at night. Various massaging tips additionally help to target the exact location and type of muscle you'd like to work on. Speeds, varying from 1 to 30, let you choose from a more subtle up to a really deep massage.

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