Magic levitating Lamp (built-in wireless phone charger!)

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💡 Invisible power. A natural phenomenon. 💡

What's better than a lamp that has a clean design but still uses good old wires to deliver power to the bulb? Well, a lamp that delivers power to the bulb wirelessly!

Don't believe us? Take a look:

Time to source smarter! | Desk lamp, Lamp, Floating desk

Do you see a string or anything else? NO! 
Sure, some would argue "bUt ThAt CaN bE PhOtOsHopPeD". Yes, that is true. Just Google this lamp and you'll find tons and tons of footage surrounding this levitating lamp. If EVERY. SINGLE. VIDEO would be fake, that would be a lot of work wouldn't it?
Anyways. Back to the lamp itself.

Do you know want to know what the best part of it is? It's not exhausting for your eyes. It only uses a 5W LED lamp with a warm white color tone, reducing the amount of eye strain in return. This results in a pleasent, not too harsh lighting, optimal for reading or decorative use cases. 

High quality wooden base
Robust Metal Rod / Arm
Neodymium Magnets for infinite levitation
Non-eye-straining 5W warm white LED light
True wireless power
Interchangable Bulbs 
Optional Built-In Wireless Charger
Touch Control Buttons

Our personal "Back To School" recommendation!

For a an incredibly clean and minimalistic desk setup!

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