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Who doesn't like modern technology? Well me certainly. That's why this laser keyboard is an actually pretty cool alternative to your regular old keyboard. Less space wasted while still looking very pretty and elegant. And the best thing: it's hella portable. Like REALLY portable since it has an integrated battery that lasts up to 2 hours on a full charge! Also there's no need to bring a mouse with you since this thing also has a mouse function built-in! 

Compatibility is awesome since this thing uses regular Bluetooth so connecting it to you phone, tablet or laptop shouldn't be an issue.

For those who would like a longer battery life, multi-touch support and some more other cool features like an integrated phone stand or intelligent shutdown should consider the 2. Generation Laser Keyboard!


Specs Original Model: 700mAh battery, 2h runtime, features: Bluetooth keyboard & mouse, 78*40*19mm

Specs Upgraded Model: 2500mAh battery, 6h runtime, features: phone stand, powerbank, direct USB to PC connection, Bluetooth keyboard & mouse

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