Large Squishmallows (25-80cm)

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🦄 the biggest squishmallows in the market 🦄


With up to 80cm (~31.5 in.) in size these Squishmallows are amongst the biggest and softest you can get! 


Whether it's those moments where we need something to hug, lean against or cry into, Squishmallows are here to cheer you up, even in the worst of times. And, of course, if you're having a GREAT time, who doesn't appreciate an incredibly soft and cute looking pillow?


Okay cheesy text aside, I just want you to imagine ONE thing. One simple thing. 
Imagine it's a very very hard day at school or at work. You FINALLY come home, both mentally and physically exhausted, and the only thing you want right now is relaxation. Now imagine jumping onto your bed and instead of being hard, rough and uncomfortable (as it normally would be), it's the softest experience you've ever had. 

Imagine that. Let me tell you: this can be your reality very very quickly.


High Quality Cotton
Extreme Softness
Insane max size of 80cm (~31.5in.)
7 unique and vibrant colors
Garantueed Cuteness Factor ;)
Best Birthday or Anniversary Present

International Shipping possible


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