Frozen Fruits Ice Cream Machine

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Ever thought about making your own delicious and healthy ice cream? I mean, who hasn't, lol. So get yourself your own cheap and easy way to make your own ice cream! This device uses ordinary frozen fruits and purees them with sharp blades into awesome ice cream in a matter of seconds! 
(A tip from us: try mixing different fruits, it's awesome!)

Since the ice cream will be made from natural fruits (that you will choose yourself), it'll be way healthier than your ordinary mass produced ice cream you'd find in a grocery store. No artificial coloring, additives or preservatives are used and it will have a high level of nutrition. Oh and of course, low amounts of sugar and fat. 

(A tip from us: Ice cream made from natural fruits are a great post-workout snack!)

Your healthy life starts here!

Important Note: Choose the right voltage! USA, CA and AU use 110V outlets. The EU and the UK use 230V outlets.

Important Note: Clean thoroughly before use! Especially the internal cutter head and silicone ring! Note that the silicone ring must be pressed into the groove when installing. 

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