Foldable Travelmug

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So packing a bag, a suite case or a car can be very frustrating at times. Some things just waste unnecessary while not providing any benefits. Meet a gadget that can save that wasted space to leave room for more important stuff while traveling! This is a foldable mug that shrinks by 60% when folded up! You simply press both ends together and that's it! It's made from high quality silicone which also helps keeping your hands from burning while the mug is filled with a hot drink. While we're at it: refilling the cup is user friendly and very straight forward.
Available in four different colors.


  • Open: 14.0*8.7cm
  • Folded: 5.8*8.7cm

Operating temperature: -50°C - 200°C (-58°F - 392°F)

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