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Our personal "Back To School" recommendation!

All of TreeFINITY's Jewelry makes for a stylish addition to a variety of different outfits. The beauty is that you're wearing sustainable items made from plants and metals, AND that you planted at least two trees! 


A stunning ring with a resin and wooden look, an utterly beautiful color gradient and incorporated gold & silver foil. Earth-Ring is not your ordinary ring due to its unique design!

With this amazingly beautiful, yet atypically designed ring you'll be unlike the average. Differentiate yourself from your everyday life by choosing to wear your Earth-Ring and never forget that you planted a tree & helped the environment.


Deforestation of rain forests and the resulting climate change aren't any good news for our planet. Earth-Ring helps to be a small spark of hope for our planet and our nature.



🌲 width: 6 mm

🌲 hand made with Austrian craftsmanship

🌲 made from high quality pure tree & epoxy resin, as well as a piece of wood and dried flowers & plants

🌲 color gradients & incorporation of gold & silver foils are unique with every ring. That's why every Earth-Ring is one of a kind.

🌲 backlog of over 1500+ orders by satisfied costumers

Manufacturing materials for Earth-Ring are mainly resin & merely an small piece of left over wood from joineries. No trees are destroyed in the process of making our jewelry. 🌲


Where are the trees planted?

In the Amazon Rainforest, in Australia & in California, basically, where reforestation is urgently needed due deforestation and wild fires.


Which ring fits me the best?

Before you decide which ring you'll pick, please consult this table of ring diameters to determine which diameter fits your finger. This prevents unnecessary and non-environmentally friendly returns.


How to determine one's finger diameter correctly please use the provided table or click here for more information.



Special Offer: buy more - plant more

      Buy 2 rings, one for yourself and one for a friend, and plant 3 trees instead of





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