Ear/Nose Cleaning Camera

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If you're the kind of person that has issues cleaning your ears with a cotton swab then this might change your life. This is a tiny wireless 5MP camera (3.5mm diameter) that is perfect for taking a look down an ear canal to identify stuck dirt or other things. Connect it the App and you'll wirelessly receive 1200p video stream from the camera. With a runtime of 90 minutes and a fast charging time of 60 minutes there's no need to worry about the battery running out of power. Most importantly, this device hast LED lights at the front to make it even easier to have a clear line of sight into someone's ear canal. The lens is water resistant (IP67) and comes with four replaceable ear cleaning spoons.

You can also use it for your nose, mouth or hair and even on your pets. 

To make using it even more comfortable, the device slightly increases its temperature at the front.

Material: high quality aluminum and ABS plastic.

Important note: Always clean off the lens with water or wiping alcohol before use to get the clearest image possible. When using it on children be real careful although with a diameter of 3.5mm there's no worries that it won't fit.

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