Hand Casting Kit (for couples, families, babies, ... )

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Literally the PERFECT Valentine's Day or family gift!

Ever had that moment where you wished you could freeze time? Sure, pictures are a thing. But like ... what about freezing time in a physical way? Let me introduce you to the single best way to physically capture memories!

Molding! With this molding kit you can quickly and easily capture stages of life and turn them into a physical object. Whether it's you and your partner holding hands (which is awesome for Valentine's Day), parents holding their baby's hand, a single hand, or WHATEVER object you'd like (as long as it doesn't mind some moisture), you can use this kit to mold a duplicate of it in minutes!

Material: Skin Safe Molding Powder



Ratio for ONE hand

 Age Clone Powder + Water Model Powder + Water
0 - 3 months 60g + 160ml 80g + 50ml
   - 1 year 100g + 250ml 150g + 100 ml
2 - 4 years 150g + 400ml 200g + 130 ml
5 - 12 years 200g + 500ml 250g + 160ml
Adult / Teens 400g + 1100ml 800g + 500ml


The amount needed for two kids / young teenager sized hands is roughly the amount needed for one adult sized hands. For two older teenager / adult sized hands you will need a 1600g kit and a 650g kit. It will be a little too much, but it's always good to have some spare, in case something goes wrong. Also, depending on how big the hands are and how far they reach into the Clone Powder, a 1600g kit might not be enough.  

650g kit includes:

  • 200g Clone Powder
  • 400g Model Powder
  • Matte Paper (10x10cm)
  • Stirring Bamboo Stick
  • 90x85mm Bucket for molding

1600g kit includes:

  • 400g Clone Powder
  • 1000g Model Powder
  • Matte Paper (10x10cm)
  • Stirring Bamboo Stick
  • 90x85mm Bucket for molding

Note: Glass dome and any other decorations seen in the pictures above are not included. Sold seperately.



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