Colorful Titanium Chopsticks

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These beautiful chopsticks are made from titanium, which means they are extremely durable, light weight and long lasting while also helping the environment. How? Well, first of all they can be reused for hundreds of times and secondly, we plant a tree for every item purchased in the environment category!

Pick your favorite color and be a part of the huge movement towards a more environmentally friendly lifestyle!

Material: Food grade titanium
Length: 225.0 mm
Weight: 14g 
Package contains: Chopsticks, carrying bag

A personal note from the founder of
"These are amazing. Honestly. Titanium as a material is light weight so you there's no heavy weight or imbalance to worry about. The colors look stunning (they have like a sort of shimmery / mystic look). I personally own a card holder made out of titanium and that inspired me to also purchase a pair of these chopsticks. They actually look even better over time. The wear and tare on colored titanium makes it look used - but in a positive way if you know what I mean." 

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