Chalkboard as a Sticker

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Our personal "Back To School" recommendation!

 Eventhough this LOOKS like it's for small children, it can (obviously) be used by people of any age! A chalkboard or a whiteboard to write down tasks, goals and plans can increase your productivity DRAMATICALLY! 

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Why get a full Blackboard for your kids when you can get this instead?

The benefits of having a blackboard on your wall could fill entire books. The problem is that wall mountable blackboards a expensive, heavy and you need to drill into your wall to hang them up. And when you remove the board you're left behind with wholes in your wall. This blackboard in comparison is a simply a giant sticker that can be stuck wherever you want. It's perfect for childrens' bedrooms, offices oder creativity rooms. And best of all: you can expand to whatever size you want. One sticker is too big? Cut it into shape!

Size per sticker: 60 x 200cm 

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