Back Pain Relief | with 3 Levels!

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We've all seen this one all over TikTok and Instagram. This tool is something that everyone should have at home. No matter if you have back pain or not. 


If you're wondering when to use this device, take a second to imagine this:
You're coming home from a long day of work. You were sitting all day long on an uncomfortable and unhealthy chair. Your back? Doesn't like it. 
You whip out this Back Pain Reliefer, put it on the floor, choose one of three angles, take a deep breath and then lay down. 

*crack ... crack*

Your back may make some odd sounds but with each crack you feel more and more relaxed. You could lay there forever. The Foam Middle Strip gives your spine a soft place to rest on, while tiny spikes massage your skin in an acupuncture style.

You feel so much better than before. 

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