3D Mesh Art Lamp - Interchangeable Designs & no battery required!

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🌒 The Night Stand Lamp of a different kind! - 3D Mesh-Art Lamp 🌘

Buy three designs and get ONE FREE!

You're looking for a night stand lamp that isn't too obnoxious with it's lighting, while still looking absolutley stunning? This might be the one for you.

"One of the most beautiful night lamps I've ever seen. Absolutley stunned." - Maria (Buyer)

✓  Sleek Base Stand (can be bought seperately)
Interchangeable Designs 
  Powered via standard USB
  Comfortable warm white LED lights
  Holographic Look
  17 unique Acrylic Designs
  Touch Powerbutton


Thanks to the interchangeabilitly of the Acrylic Designs, you can switch them depending on your mood, the wheater, if guests are coming over for a night, for special events like christmas, or just for the sake of it! The limit is you, and only you!

If you're talented you can even create your own designs! Get some Acrylic sheets from your local hardware store and either engrave something by hand or with a CNC machine! (This is at your own risk. Please seek for professional help if you're not familiar with working with acrylic materials!)

🌙 A modular design paired with stunning artwork! 🌙


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