3-in-1 Cooking / Frying Pan | with a non-stick coating and non-slip handle | induction compatible!

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 🍳 One Stove Top - 3 Meals 🍳

Who would believe it if it didn't exist?

Whether you want to save energy (and by that matter money) or you're like us and hate cleaning what feels like 12 pans even though you only cooked for yourself or maybe a second person, then this is literally perfect for you!

Just imagine how much time, effort, mental energy, physical energy, mental sanity, water and dishsope you would save over time, just by using a single pan instead of three pans AND an additional plate! 😩 

Also, you don't have to worry about food sticking to the pan or silverware scratching it thanks to the very durable anti-stick coating.

Something that you might not have thought about: Aside from being able to make three different things at the same time, the walls prevent any ingredients from spilling into other parts of your meal! We've all had that moment where the yoke of our fried egg starts leaking and messes up everything else that you placed into the pan.

Cleaning this pan is extremely easy thanks again to the thick anti-stick coating.


Worried about BURNING yourself? HAH!

That's over! Eventhough this is a sturdy cast aluminum pan, the handle isolates itself from the heat of your stove by virtue of the rubber coating on the handle. Do you know what else that means? No slipping! Traditional bare metal grips are nutorious for slipping out of your hand and the perfectly wrong time. That's over now!


Assistive Edges
Remenber the fried egg issue mentioned earlier? Let's go one step further! Let's make a PERFECT fried egg every. single. time.   How, you might ask?
Take a look at the image above. See those circled ridges in the two smaller compartments? Those are basically stencils for your fried eggs or omelettes! See how easy it can be to cook fast and picture perfect meals?
Speaking of picture perfect...

Steak Lines
Aside from getting nice looking lines on your steak just like if you through it on the BBQ, the molded-in lines help lift your meat up eeeeever so slightly to allow oil and other ingredients to flow underneath. Why is this important? Simple question, simple answer! This ensures an even spread of flavor and helps to really soak your seasoning into the meat!

So upgrade your food habits and save money with a 3-in-1 cooking / frying pan!

Extremely Easy to Clean
Less Dishes to Wash
Anti-Scratch Coating
✓ Picture Perfect Fried Eggs & Omelettes Every Time
 Gas & Induction Stove Compatible
 Extremely High Quality & Durable Cast Aluminum

Stop wasting your time!

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