3-Axis Smartphone Stabilizer

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As anyone knows, recording a video while walking is one of the most difficult things when trying to get a smooth moving shot. Now in a professional environment, like in Hollywood, you would see giant camera arms and stabilizers that are as big as a human, but when recording with your phone, you totally don't need all that stuff! Modern technology has really come a long way and with today's smartphones literally anyone can decide to spontaneously make a short film or even a movie! So don't miss out on this small and light weight, yet really powerful tool! It's a 3-Axis smartphone stabilizer that turns any janky shot into a professional looking smooth video! It's available in different Kits for different uses!
Oh and also: no need to worry about learning how to use it. The controls are astonishingly intuitive and very very easy to learn and get used to.
The Price-to-Performance ratio makes this a GREAT gift!

Supports smartphone's within a width of 56-82mm and a max. weight of 250g.

Kit Descriptions:

  • Standard: Gimbal, Charging Cable

  • Standard Plus: Gimbal, Tripod, Charging Cable

  • Standard To-Go: Gimbal, Tripod, Case, Charging Cable

  • Standard To-Go Plus: Gimbal, Tripod, Case, Extension Stick, Charging Cable

  • Videographer: Gimbal, Tripod, Case, Microphone, Extension Bar

  • Videographer Pro: Gimbal, Tripod, Light, Case, Microphone, Extension Bar, Extension Stick

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