About Us


We're happy you found our "about us" page and want to learn a little bit more about what is happening behind the scenes!


First of all, this is me, the founder of SawItOnTikTok.shop:

Hi :D
My name is Timke Klinker and I run, together with a couple of like minded folks, this Online Store. We closely follow viral TikTok content that contains every day items and things we ourselves want to have in our life. We made it our task to summarize and categorize said viral objects, but most importantly: provide a place for you to go, if you, like many others, forgot where to find something you saw on Tiktok. Hence the name "SawItOnTikTok.shop"!



How did this idea emerge?

We were a little frustrated. Very frustrated to be exact. See, TikTok is MASSIVE. The amount of content being uploaded every day, let alone every week, is nothing but astonishing. Some, actually a lot, of these countless numbers of videos contain items and commodities that are ACTUALLY SICK. Like, legitimately dope. No matter if it's every day kitchen items, gift ideas, clothing, tech stuff, ... there SO. MUCH. COOL stuff coming in, every single day. By now, I bet most of you have had that moment, where you saw something you really wanted to get, but then thought to yourself       "aaaarrgghhh I'll Google it later."  
And then, 10 minutes later, you completely forget what it was, how it's called, let alone where to find it, because you forgot to save the damn video.

It happened to me and other people I know so many times that I got so mad and decided to solve this problem. And here we are. 


YOUR place to go to for viral products YOU forgot about. You're welcome. 💖 



Any future plans?

Oh, heck yessss. If you haven't already noticed, we already offer our platform to creators, who want to expand the sales of their own products! 

What does that mean? It's actually pretty simple: If you are a TikTok creator who just launched their own product but don't have the money or knowledge to create your own webpage, OR you already have a webpage and want to expand your product sales to more sales channels - that's where we come in. We don't need any inventory. We don't need any sales estimates or whatever. All we need is a description and pictures. That's it. 
As soon as an order comes in, we pass all the necessary information on to you and from there it's another order for YOU. And we all know what that means... 💸
It's our priority to push this feature of our platform even further with the mission to make TikTok E-commerce more intigrated, more accessible and easy to keep track of. 

Anything else? Mmmhhhh, there's a lot in the pipeline to be excited about! New categories like stuff for your pets, loads of partnerships, a huge push for usermade environmental products, deal days, AND SO MUCH MORE!

2022 gon' be wild folks! 🤯